KOL payments in time of scrutiny

Our screening experience and how it can help life sciences companies

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With considerable resources being devoted to KOLs in this new era of heightened public visibility and scrutiny, it is critical that pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies restrict payments only to their Medical Affairs and Marketing KOLs who have not run amiss of federal codes or state licensing board regulations. One state sanction or federal debarment can draw unwanted media attention to a KOL program.

It's only natural to assume that your industry experts and thought leaders are of the highest moral standing. The work we've performed for our clients has demonstrated, first-hand, that such an assumption can be misguided.

This Whitepaper provides insight into:

  • Recent trends in KOL payments
  •  infoAnalytica’s screening expertise
  •  Importance of screening in the KOL program lifecycle


Michael Broad

Principal Consultant, Act Healthcare Solutions

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