The (evolving) role of ROI in KOL segmentation

Read what’s been missing to date in KOL profile data and how Act Healthcare can help

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In this article titled, ‘The (evolving) role of ROI in KOL segmentation’, Principal Consultant for Act Healthcare Solutions, Michael Broad, describes changes in available data that address the statement ‘What’s been incomplete so far in KOL profile data is any real metric of KOL efficiency or, to put a business spin on it, return on investment’. 

If you want to find out how the productivity of your KOL, thought leader or medical expert compares to that of industry benchmarks, this article describes new ways to find this information.

This Article provides insight into:

  •  Segmentation of KOLs and other thought leaders
  •  What’s been missing to date in KOL profile data
  •  Why has ROI not been used extensively in the past 


Michael Broad

Principal Consultant, Act Healthcare Solutions

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